How to Choose a SBA Attorney

if you are a small business owner, there are times when you will find yourself in need of the services of a small business attorney. For example, if you have defaulted a loan and the bank is almost repossessing your items or you are facing charges of defaulting to pay taxes. The attorney will negotiate for you so that you can get better repayment periods. It is not an easy task when looking for an attorney to represent your business, especially with the many attorneys in the market. Here are tips to consider when choosing an attorney.

First, you can start by asking for recommendations from your business contacts. Ask for referrals from insurance agents, bankers and accountants since people in these professional mostly work with lawyers. Also, you can contact the lawyer bar association in your state and request them to refer a good attorney to you.

When choosing an SBA attorney, it is important to check the experience of the attorney. Go for an attorney that has more 5 years of experience. An experienced attorney will represent you better since they have diverse knowledge in the field. They will advise you on which steps you should take as a small business owner.  Click to find out more!

In addition, ask the lawyer to give you their customer references. An experienced lawyer should not lack references, if he or she doesn’t have that is a red flag and its advisable you look for another alternative. It is important to call some of the clients the attorney has worked with in the past. Ask them how their experience was working with the attorney, if the attorney represented them well. Based on the reference you will get, decide if you should deal with the attorney or look for an alternative.

Also, go through the SBA attorney website and check for customer testimonies. Most reputable attorney’s will have samples of cases they have handled in the past. Read as may testimonies as possible. Go for an attorney with several positive customer testimonies. Also, check if there are any complains that have been filed against the attorney by past clients on sites such as better business bureaus.

When choosing an attorney, it is important to make sure the attorney is registered and licensed by the state. You can ask the attorney for a copy of their license and confirm with your state department if its authentic. Also, check if the attorney has been accredited by reputable bar associations in your state. Learn more on how to choose a SBA Attorney.

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